your order

your request

You have the idea to produce your own merchandise, your design is on point and you have one or more products in mind. You have found your perfect partner, our experienced team at Merchandise Essentials can produce top-quality merchandise. First of all, you can contact us to be informed about our possibilities. Your request will be treated by one of our account managers specialized in product knowledge and graphic design.
The account manager needs practical information for your order, the product(s) you’re interested in, the color(s), and your design preferably in a good format, for example in vector format. The graphic designer examines your design and advise you which decoration technique will be the best for your order. Our standard production time is about 15 working days. If you ordered textile with labeling, the production time is about 20 working days. The production time with labeling takes 5 working days more as the labels have to be produced and sewed in. Don’t forget to mention your deadline if you have one in mind. We think it is very important to deliver your order on time. On this page, we give you an overview of which information we need to process your request efficiently. We  value personal contact and we want to listen attentively to your ideas. In this way, we can become long-term partners.

approving the order

Our account manager guides you towards the best possibilities for your merchandise. You can demand an offer free of engagement and a free digital example. The digital example is the standard for the result of your order. It’s important to check the digital simulation and to verify the dimensions and colors. You’ll receive the invoice after your confirmation of the digital simulation and the offer.

We start processing your order the moment we have your approval. Our team immediately starts with the preparations. The graphic designer optimizes the files and creates the required templates. We inform the production manager describing the technical specifications for your order. The accountmanager will also introduce you the person who is responsible for the follow-up of your order. You can contact this person any time if you have questions or other concerns.

receiving the payment

We plan your order the moment we receive your payment. The production manager informs the production team and provides important instructions and specifications required for your order. We follow the production process and make sure that every production phase runs smoothly

order products

The production manager orders your products and makes sure the production is definitively planned. The products can be ordered when we have received your payment. Therefore, it is very important to pay quickly so we can ensure the products of your order.

production process

production labels and patches

You can design your own label and patch for your clothing and headwear. Labeling and patches creates the perfect finishing touch. The production of labels and patches starts immediately while the production manager orders your products.

decoration techniques

Our experienced production team executes the decoration method carefully. We offer you top-quality decoration techniques screen printing, digital printing and embroidery. We guarantee the highest quality as our production team has years of experience.You can find an overview of our decoration methods

The production manager monitors the production phases process closely. The production team uses the digital example that you received. That’s why it’s important to check the digital simulation before you approve the offer.

sweing labels and patches

The decorated textile is transported to the production team that is responsible for sewing the labels and patches. The labels were made with the highest care and will be sewed in straightly. Also other decorations like patches, sequins and pockets will be sewed in during this production phase.

quality control

Our quality check department verifies precisely the quality of your order. First, our employee responsible for quality control compares your order with the digital example. This first phase of the quality control ensures you that the textile, the color(s)the sizes and the dimensions are perfect.

Next, the decoration methods are checked by the technical production team. We require the highest quality of the decoration method. Our technical production team guarantees this quality by means of a washing test. For example, the thickness of the print has to be excellent. Furthermore, the production team checks the technical requirements of the textile and decoration methods by a durability test. We highly value the durability test so that we can ensure you that the print remains intact after washing it. Furthermore, the production team can be sure that the textile dries properly by performing the durability test.

In short, top quality is an absolute requirement!

After the quality check, the production manager gives permission to transport the order to our team that is responsible for packaging your order.


packaging your products

The production of your order is successfully completed. Our team responsible for the packaging makes sure that the textile is carefully folded. Next, everything is packed in plastic per product and size. Therefore, all products are protected and  can be shipped in perfect conditions. It’s also possible to pack every product separately in plastic polybags with a size sticker. We use boxes that are very solid. It’s highly important that we can ship your order perfectly.

shipping products

Our logistics team will ship your order. Before the shipment, we check if your order is complete. Finally, our team adds a delivery note and a card with the washing instructions in the box. Once your order is shipped, you receive an email with a track and trace code. You can now track the delivery process by your own. Shipping to European countries is about 1-3 working days.