Dri Flex is the ultimate baseball fabric. Offered exclusively on our pro jersey, this fabric is sturdy with excellent ventilation.


A soft, lightweight fabric that is aerodynamic with excellent ventilation, allowing heightened levels of comfort.


An open weave lightweight fabric with high stretch, constructed for optimal air flow. During high energy activities this fabric keeps the wearer cool and dry.


This fabric has recently been added to our range. Trilobal is a twisted filament (like rope) which creates a high sheen and extremely strong thread. Even after the sublimation process, Trilobal maintains its high silky sheen. The fabric is exceptionally strong due to its tightly twisted and woven finish. For this reason it is commonly used for street flags and indoor and outdoor banners.


This fabric is unrivaled in our range for strength. Its high stretch is perfect for garments that are intended to hug your body.


The ultimate performance compression fabric, designed to increase performance via enhanced proprioception, increase muscle power, and increase VO²MAX and anaerobic threshold.


A soft and smooth fabric that provides breathability and exceptional comfort for corporate and polo shirts. Offers a more professional look due to the lack of visible eyelets.

poly spandex

The 4-way stretch of this bright white base tricot fabric offers extra comfort and freedom of movement to enhance performance. Moisture management properties make it resistant to perspiration stains.


The most heavy duty fabric in our range. This high density fabric is tough and made to withstand the elements. With its tight, traditional weave, Poly Oxford is perfect for the outdoors. It is semi-water resistant and is an excellent source of shade during summer. It is an easy care fabric that can simply be hosed down after use and dries quickly.

micro mesh

An advanced lightweight mesh knit fabric built for optimal moisture transfer, fast drying and good sun protection.

sportslock 365

A shiny, soft, silky fabric, specifically knitted for sublimation. It is both comfortable and robust.


A shiny, soft, silky fabric, specifically knitted for sublimation. It is comfortable and robust.


This lightweight mesh knit fabric is designed for optimal moisture transfer and fast drying. The special weave keeps you extra cool and provides a textured finish.


A medium-weight open weave fabric that keeps the wearer cool and dry. A similar look and feel to Trimesh, but with minimal stretch.


This innovative new fabric is set to revolutionise safety in low light situations. ActivGlo is highly reflective, without compromising performance. Reflectivity is achieved via the small transparent dots on the fabric’s surface.